Plasma assisted ignition(電漿火焰引燃)

There is a great need to develop completely new combustion devices with considerable improvement in fuel efficiency and exhaust emission, and most importantly, an innovative combustion strategy with the controllability of combustion process. A proper control of flame ignition is fundamental to numerous practical applications (furnace, rocket engine, scramjet etc.). Plasma-assisted ignition, unlike the conventional ignition method, such as spark ignition, in which major energy is deposited to raise the reactant’s temperature above ignition temperature, is capable of altering kinetic mechanism of ignition and combustion, due to the rapid production of active radicals and excited species in the discharge. The overall objective of the study is to investigate the application of non-thermal plasma discharges, e.g. corona, streamer, or dielectric-barrier discharges, to the ignition of a non-premixed jet flame.

電暈放電電漿 ( Corona discharge )

流光放電電漿 ( Streamer discharge )

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